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Since our foundation in 1976 Brian Cotter Refrigeration Ltd. has gained a name for a quality of service and installation throughout the Munster region.
Its founder Brian Cotter served a five-year apprenticeship with Southern Refrigeration Ltd., Waterford which was the largest refrigeration company in Ireland at that time.
Through working with Southern Refrigeration Ltd. Brian gained valuable experience working with large scale industrial installations throughout the country.

These included some of the largest creameries and intervention cold stores in the early 1970's. On completion of his apprenticeship, Brian Cotter seized a business opportunity and opened up a refrigeration business in Dingle, Co. Kerry.
Established initially to provide general refrigeration services for the south west region, Brian Cotter Refrigeration Ltd. evolved in the 1980's and 1990's to expand into Air Conditioning and Beer Cooling systems. Our quality has enabled us to obtain the agencies from internationally recognised companies such as Mitsubishi, York and Carrier, and in 1986 we were appointed by Guinness to install and service beer cooling systems in the Kerry region. In 1999 Brian Cotter Refrigeration, together with other companies were invited by Guinness to join the newly formed Beer Coolers Association, who aims to maintain a standard of excellence among qualified companies within the trade.
Brian Cotter Refrigeration Ltd. also engages in the training of young refrigeration engineers and is a member of Skills Net. Engineers who have served their time with Brian Cotter Refrigeration are today working as far-a -field as New York and Victoria, Australia. These young Engineers, like our customers, have benefited from the wealth of experience our company has to offer.
It is a testament to the quality of our work that the company continues to trade so strongly a quarter of a century since it was founded. In the past we have shown our willingness to change and diverse into other areas of the industry and it is these qualities which should see us continue to trade for years to come.

Welcome to Brian Cotter Refrigeration Ltd. Dingle, Co. Kerry, Lreland. - www.briancotterltd.com - Tel: 066 9152365